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Intensiv-Filter Himenviro Electrostatic Precipitators, Pulse-Jet Fabric and achieve the most stringent emission levels making them the first choice of many of the power companies. Intensiv-Filter Himenviro has executed over 150 different APCS for power projects in India and abroad . Intensiv-Filter Himenviro ESP and Bag filter have rich experience in handling different types of fuels include Naphtha, Gas, Pet Coke, Coal, Lignite, Industrial Waste Gases. Biomass-fired power plants ESP and bag filter can be designed for a wide range of fuels including multi-Fuels, Straw, Wood-Waste, Peat, Bark Nut Shells, Grains and Short Rotation Crops which can be combined with Coal or Natural Gas.


The Baghouse acts more as a Polishing filter to separate the very fine dust and contribute to lowering the overall dust emission.