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Intensiv Filter Himenviro: Fertilizer Industry Environmental Solutions

The fertilizer business is extensively regulated to safeguard the safety of the industry’s workers, people in the immediate vicinity of the chemical processing plant, the environment, and the end user of the product. Production is the lifeblood of any chemical processing plant. The business of changing and separating materials necessitates the use of specialised equipment and technology, as well as a reliance on effective filtration. With the proper filter bag housing, you can keep production going while also improving the safety of everyone involved. At Intensiv-Filter, we engineer filter bag housings to support that mission and your bottom line.

Upgrade And Refurbishment Solution




  • Scrubbing of NH3 reaction fumes and sulphuric acid tail gas
  • Dedusting cyclones for urea prilling towers and granulation processes.
  • Plant Bagging Dedusting-Wet Scrubbing
  • Grinding of Rock Phosphate Using a Process Bag Filter
  • Recovery of Waste Heat Filter for boiler bags
  • Material handling and screening of lime, gypsum, and other materials
  • Mineral fertilizer dedusting
  • Dedusting and drier venting
  • Bag filter for dust extraction of SSP/SP/RP, DAP, and NPK