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Since the amendment to the German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control the waste gases from glass-kilns need to be precipitated. Dust collecting is done at high temperatures in the filter. In some cases spray absorption is also used for contaminant gas purification behind glass troughs.




  • 01. NaOH tank
  • 02. Water
  • 03. Hot gas from the glass trough
  • 04. Quench reactor
  • 05. Filter for glass-kiln
  • 06. Chimney
  • 07. Dosing pump
  • 08. Quench pump
  • 09. Transport container
  • 10. Induced draft


Filter title
Typical design data Unit of measure Filter
Gas volume m³/h 38,000
Gas temperature °C 180 – 200
Type of dust Sodium sulphate, soda, borax, quartz
Residual dust content mg/m³ < 10
Raw gas dust content g/m³ 10 – 25
Cleaning offline
Filter medium Polyimide
Explosion protected design not necessary
Sorbent Sodium hydroxide