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Intensiv-Filter Himenviro:

Glass Industry Environmental Solutions

Since the amendment to the German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control, the waste gases from glass kilns need to be precipitated. Dust collecting is done at high temperatures in the filter. In some cases, spray absorption is also used for contaminant gas purification behind glass troughs.

Glass Industry Environmental Solutions



Glass Industry Environmental Solutions


Intensiv Filter Himenviro: Glass Industry Environmental Solutions

  • 01. NaOH tank
  • 02. Water
  • 03. Hot gas from the glass trough
  • 04. Quench reactor
  • 05. Filter for glass-kiln
  • 06. Chimney
  • 07. Dosing pump
  • 08. Quench pump
  • 09. Transport container
  • 10. Induced draft

Required specifications

Filter title
Typical design dataUnit of measureFilter
Gas volumem³/h38,000
Gas temperature°C180 – 200
Type of dustSodium sulphate, soda, borax, quartz
Residual dust contentmg/m³< 10
Raw gas dust contentg/m³10 – 25
Filter mediumPolyimide
Explosion protected designnot necessary
SorbentSodium hydroxide