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Intensiv-Filter Himenviro Electrostatic Precipitators, Pulse-Jet Fabric and achieve the most stringent emission levels making them the first choice of many power companies. Intensiv-Filter Himenviro has executed over 150 different APCS for power projects in India and abroad. Intensiv-Filter Himenviro ESP and Bag filter have rich experience in handling different types of fuels including naphtha, gas, pet coke, coal, lignite, and industrial waste gases. Biomass-fired power plants ESP and bag filter can be designed for a wide range of fuels including multi-fuels, straw, wood-waste, peat, bark nutshells, grains, and short rotation crops which can be combined with coal or natural gas.


Filtering emissions is the task Intensiv Filter Himenviro has been addressing itself to since its founding in 1922. We are a leading specialist in filtering installations in the international markets. This applies both to new facilities and to conversions in various business areas.

We prepare specific plans for new installations according to your individual specifications. As an experienced specialist, we offer high-quality, professional consultation, and optimized process sequences. There are various reasons your filter installation may need to be converted: New emission values specified by law. Increased energy consumption raises your operating costs. The degree of precipitation has deteriorated due to wear. Operation of the installation requires the use of new technologies.

With you as our partner, we will provide clean air based on economical solutions.