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Intensiv-Filter Himenviro: Chemical Industry Environmental Solutions

Intensiv-Filter Himenviro has installed numerous filters in various applications of Chemical plants.
1. Calcium carbide furnace pulse Jet Unit for DSCL Kota having a capacity of 500,000m3/hr
2. De-dusting system Bag filter unit for Ball mill and transfer points for Asian Paints Noida
3. Detergent powder process Bag filter for Ethiopia and Peru
4. Calcium carbonate process bag filter for Toothpaste manufacturing in PERU
5. Improvement and optimization of gas flow distribution systems
6. Rapping optimization

Chemical Industry



  • Process Filters in Chemical Plants
  • Dust and Fume Extraction Systems in Chemical
  • Electrostatic Precipitators


Climate change and climate protection are playing an increasingly important role. Therefore the various business units of the chemical industry have committed themselves to reducing emissions, for instance (“Responsible Care”). Based on the example of a residue combustion plant in a chemical company, dust featuring difficult cleaning properties is removed from the system. A filtering precipitator is used for waste gas dust removal.



Filter for residue combustion furnace
  • 01. Combustion plant
  • 02. Steam boiler
  • 03. Heat exchanger
  • 04. Filter for residue combustion furnace
  • 05. Induced draft fan
  • 06. Silo
  • 07. Silo filter
  • 08. Conveyor ventilator
  • 09. Chimney
  • 10. Dust discharge
  • 11. Disposal

Required specifications


Filterbezeichnung IFJCC / IFJC
Typical design data unit Unit of measure Residue combustion furnaces
Gas volume m³/h 50 – 150,000
Gas temperature °C 180 – 240
Type of dust Fly ash
Raw gas dust content g/m³ 5
Residual dust content mg/m³ < 5
Cleaning online filter
Filter medium Glass / Polytetrafluoroethylene
Sorbent Calcium hydroxide