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Carbon Black Industry Environmental Solutions

Carbon Black is a stable shape of carbon produced in surprisingly managed methods to provide in my opinion engineered aggregates of carbon debris that adjust in particle length, combination length, shape, and porosity. and floor chemistry. Carbon Black normally consists of greater than 95% natural carbon with minimum quantities of oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. During the production process, Carbon Black debris is shaped ranging in length from 10 nm to approximately 500 nm.

electrostatic precipitor



  • Bag House Filter 
  • Fan and Blowers
  • Centrifugal Blowers


Process of Carbon Black Manufacturing


1) Generating Carbon Black: Fuel and air are introduced into a particular reaction chamber lined with fire bricks with heat resistance of up to about 2000°C, and are completely burned to generate a high-temperature atmosphere of over 1400°C. Raw liquid oil (feedstock oil) is then introduced to decompose it in order to generate carbon black thermally.

2) Separating and Collecting Carbon Black: The generated carbon black is mixed with high-temperature gas. Water is sprayed onto it to quench the carbon black generating reaction, and then carbon black and exhaust gas are separated using a bag filter.

3) Processing to Bead (Pellet) Carbon Black: The separated carbon black is processed to increase its bulk density before being granulated.

There are two types of granulation methods, the wet granulation method using water as a binder and the dry granulation method with no water.

4) Packaging carbon black: Products stored in silos are packed into hopper trucks, flexible containers, or paper bags for shipment.