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Electrostatic Precipitators

 An electrostatic Precipitator or electrostatic air cleaner is a filterless device that is used to remove impurities or fine particles from a flowing gas. It uses an electric charge to remove tiny solid impurities or liquid droplets from the air or gases in smokestacks and other flues. Due to the electrical forces, the particles move from the air stream to the collection plates. Particles passing through the precipitator a...

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Reverse Air Bag House

HIMENVIRO has a significant amount of operating experience with large reverse gas type fabric filters for Cement Kiln and Ferro alloys Furnace lime kilns and metallurgical processes. The Reverse Air Bag House (RABH) is a custom-built filter, designed for cleani...

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Fabric Filters

Pulse Jet Bag Filter is a pneumatic pulse-jet system that provides continuous, automatic bag cleaning. On a timed cycle, a burst of compressed air is directed down through a venture at the top of the bag. This includes cleaning air into the bag and setting up a pneumatic shock wave inside it. The airflow through the bag is momentarily stopped, the bag is firmly flexed, causing the accumulated dust particles to drop off the bag into the...

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Hybrid Electro Filters

Our, ‘Electro-Plus-Hybrid Filter’ technology, is a solution provider, using a filtering system using static electricity on the particulate matter, for higher collection efficiency with less pressure drop. It solves the pressure drop increase problem frequently..

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VOC + ODOUR Removal System

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions are currently released into the atmosphere in a large number of production processes that use organic substances.

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