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Technology Leader for Industrial De-Dusting

With a legacy of over a 100 years, we strive to innovate and be ahead of the Industry and believe in providing the best benefits to our customers on a macro as well as, micro level. Additionally, we strive to create the right mix between positively and innovation in all our daily affairs.

Our presence spans 15 countries across Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, USA, South America and Europe. We have more than 50,000 successful projects in Cement, Power, Steel, Sugar, Food, Coal mill, Textile.

Our business practices, customer care and focus on R&D has put us among the world’s top Bag Filter manufacturers and we continue to strive to maintain this position by building our organization with highly qualified engineers and superior products, many of which work together to meet a wide variety of applications in virtually every industry.

With a wide range of environmental technologies available to IFH, we can provide plant upgrades to meet the most stringent emission legislation’s. We can supply products from individual components to complete turnkey and partnering packages.



Reliable dust removal was a task for specialists even at the beginning of the last century. Bag filters of Intensiv-Filter Himenviro contribute to an improved environment for almost 99 years now. Also today the industrial dust removal has a mean significance. Modern technologies for efficient dust removal are a trend subject due to environmental impacts, climate change, rising energy consumption and conservation of natural resources of renewable raw materials.

As technology leader in industrial de-dusting we offer complete and tailor-made solutions in the area of dust removal technology and product recovery.





    Environmentally compatible customer solutions for more profitability.

    Intensiv-Filter Himenviro aspires to be world’s leading clean air solutions provider and are fully committed to fulfill customer orders in time and with promised quality.


    Our filtering installations protect the environment :

    With dust removal installations for better and safer conditions in emission protection.

    With filtering installations for the protection of the resources in product recovery.

    With an economical and energy-efficient filtering technology for the benefit of our customers.


    Focusing on our customers requirements. We provide professional and comprehensive advice to our customers. The process, systems thinking and the profitability take centre stage. For the benefit of our customers.

    We are constantly optimising and monitoring our business processes.

    Committed and highly skilled staff is our strong point. We encourage and reward their motivation and initiative.

    We make sure that our suppliers provide the same high quality as we do.