Technology leader for industrial de-dusting

Reliable dust removal was a task for specialists even at the beginning of the last century. Bag filters of Intensiv-Filter contribute to an improved environment for more than  94 years now. Also today the industrial dust removal has a mean significance. Modern technologies for efficient dust removal are a trend subject due to environmental impacts, climate change, rising energy consumption and conservation of natural ressources of renewable raw materials.

As technology leader in industrial de-dusting we offer complete and tailor-made solutions in the area of dust removal technology and product recovery. Bag filter series ProJet mega in 3D visualization showing details, procedures, processes and reactions within the filter system:

News Release

Order for Bag filter/ dust collector

Intensiv filter Himenviro supplies its equipment to German based cement manufacturing industry dust type Raw Meal. Bag Filter Volume flow: 382000 Bm3/h, Temp 175 °C.       


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