Technology leader for industrial de-dusting

Reliable dust removal was a task for specialists even at the beginning of the last century. Bag filters of Intensiv-Filter contribute to an improved environment for more than  95 years now. Also today the industrial dust removal has a mean significance. Modern technologies for efficient dust removal are a trend subject due to environmental impacts, climate change, rising energy consumption and conservation of natural ressources of renewable raw materials.

As technology leader in industrial de-dusting we offer complete and tailor-made solutions in the area of dust removal technology and product recovery. Bag filter series ProJet mega in 3D visualization showing details, procedures, processes and reactions within the filter system:

News Release

Nuisance Bag Filter

Miscellaneous orders during the current year intensiv filter Himenviro has secured various more then 130 orders in capacity from 3000 CMH to 90000 CMH and temp. 50- 80 °C. Some these already have been supplied and are under erection presently remaining are in stage of Engg and manufacturing         

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