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Centrifugal Collectors or Cyclones For Industry

Cyclones are dust collection device that separates particulate from the air by centrifugal force. The cyclone operates by making a vortex out of the incoming airstream. The inertia of the particles keeps them moving in the original order and separates them from the airstream as the airstream is pushed to change directions. The interactions inside a cyclone are complicated despite the cyclone’s simplicity in appearance and operation. The existence of two vortices during operation offers a straightforward explanation for what is happening inside a cyclone. The larger particles are carried downward by the main vortex as it spirals. Near the cyclone’s base, an inner vortex forms and spirals upward, carrying smaller dust particles.

Cyclones are inexpensive, low-maintenance, and temperature-resistant machinery. Additionally, they enable the dry recovery of the product and lessen the burden on the primary collector. Cyclones, on the other hand, provide unique design difficulties and are difficult to predict in terms of performance. Accurate intake data are essential, yet they take up a lot of plant area. Cyclones perform poorly at removing fine particulates. They are often used as a pre-cleaner to get rid of larger particles that could harm fabric collector bags or clog wet scrubbers otherwise. It should be noted that adding a cyclone to a ventilation system may not reduce the overall system resistance since the pressure drop of the inertial cyclone collector may more than equal the reduction in resistance at the baghouse caused by lower dust loading. Pressure drops range from 3 inches wg for inertial cyclone collectors with low efficiency to up to 8 inches wg for models with higher efficiency.

Some key benefits of Cyclone dust collectors
  • Cleaner and Safer Method
  • Reduced Cleaning Frequency
  • Better Air Filtration
  • Better Airflow Efficiency
  • Lower Level of Noise


Cyclone Dust Collector Applications

A cyclone dust collector machine frequently serves as a low-cost and low-maintenance stand-alone dust collector. They have the advantage of being quickly cleaned to accept the next product batch eliminating the need to clean any remaining lines from bag filters which is a time-consuming and tedious process. With a dual-stage dust collection system, the cyclone dust collection system is equipped to handle both coarse particles as well as fine dust. Cyclone dust collectors are often used as pre-cleaners to remove the majority of large particles before processing in a more efficient bag house. The ones made by dust collector manufacturers are characterized by high efficiency, large processing volume, and stable performance.

The Dust collector has no moving or rotating parts and as a result, it requires minimum maintenance. The dust collecting machine can be designed according to the application desired in order to yield better performance. Smaller footprints of the Dust Collector make it consume lesser floor space and hence find no problem while storing. The dust collection machine comes in several variants, namely- Single/mono Cyclones, Twin Cyclones, Quad/Hexa, or Octa & Modular Cyclones. The cyclone dust collector has numerous applications and is used for Guar Gum Processing, Fly Ash Handling plants, Buffing Machines, Shot & Sand Blasting & many more.


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