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New beginning of Intensiv-Filter

We are pleased to inform you that the difficult situation in the company Intensiv Filter GmbH & Co.KG has resulted in a good end.
Since 1st of October 2012, the business is conducted by INTENSIV FILTER HIMENVIRO GMBH. The management is by the founder and owner of Himenviro Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Manoj Garg and as Managing Director in Velbert-Langenberg and its subsidiaries, Mr. Markus Schröder.
The expertise and experience of the Intensive Filter team with the technical expertise of Himenviro set the course for a long-term successful business of Filtration. Our friends and business partners may expect efficient, effective, and optimized filter systems for all projects while relying on the usual Intensive Filter quality.
In sales, project management, technical management, service, spare parts sales, you can use well-known contact persons. Also, service and spare parts supply is by Intensive Filter Himenviro GmbH long term.
We look forward to a common and successful future.

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