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New bag filter for Doncement

The construction industry is one of the key sectors of the Ukrainian economy. Although construction activity has lost momentum due to the global economic crisis, yet enjoys the development of infrastructure high priority. Not least because of the European Football Championship 2012. Investments are the logical consequence.

The Ukrainian cement producer Doncement, a subsidiary of Heidelberg Cement Group, has awarded Intensiv-Filter Himenviro , the leading specialist in filtering installations, a contract for a bag filter, including fans and dust transport system for dedusting of the rotary kiln. The bag filter replaces the two existing electrostatic precipitators. The production capacity of the cement plant, which produces in the wet method, currently amounts to 1.6 million tonnes of cement per year. It is situated in the east Ukrainian city Amvrosijevka in the industrial area Donezk and produces Portland and slag cement.

The upgrading in an effective bag filter will considerably improve the capacity and performance. Intensiv-Filter Himenviro is responsible for the design, manufacturing, and supervision of assembling and commissioning of the installation that should start running in the spring of 2010. The bag filter is designed and equipped with a fully automatic cleaning control system for a gas volume of approximately 600,000 m³/h a.c. and filter bags of 8-meter length. In addition to the process filter, Intensiv-Filter Himenviro delivers 2 bag filters for the cement finish mill, each with 22.000 m3 / h a.c.