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Intensiv-Filter closes contract for dedusting plant

One of the biggest cement plants of North Europe is situated in the small city Slite on the swedish island Gotland. It is run by Cementa AB, a subsidiary of HeidelberCement.
Intensiv-Filter Himenviro and Cementa closed a contract for the dedusting of the rotary kiln of the line 8. It includes engineering, manufacturing, delivery, commissioning and installation.
A ProJet mega for max. 1.223.500 m³/h with pipework, dust discharge system, containerised cargo and fitting will be installed turn-key. The installation begins in April 2009. 800 t of material will be delivered until September 2009. 160 t of steel construction set up, approx. 120 t pipes with a diameter of 3,00 m and 4,50 m laid.