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Dust removal on the island of Java with bag filters of Intensiv-Filter

Holcim Indonesia Ptk., one of the biggest cement manufacturers of Indonesia, installs a new 4,000 day tonnes of cement brick production plant on the island Java. The plant is constructed on the north coast of the island Java near the city of Tuban. Intensiv-Filter received the order for the dust removal of the cement mill, rotary kiln and coal mill.
The cement mill filter of the series type ProJet mega®, equipped with 8-m-filter bags, is designed for a volume flow of max. 770,000 m³/h with max. 120 ºC. The cleaning of the 24 filter chambers is carried out in offline operating mode.
A bag filter of the series type ProJet mega® for the dust removal of the rotary kiln is ordered as well. The maximum parameter of the filter are in different operating conditions for the raw gas volume flow 1.070.000 m³/h, for the raw gas temperature 240 ºC and for the dust load 41 g/m³ n.c. The cleaning of the 8-m filter bags is also carried out in offline mode.
Another ProJet mega® process filter is used for the dust removal of the coal mill plant. Here filter bags with a length of 4.5 m are used. Pressure relief flaps guarantee the necessary explosion protection.
The delivery of all process filters takes place in the beginning of 2012. The entire cement plant will take up the production in 2013.