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Dust Removal for an Ammonium Sulphate Production

The plant manufacturer Thyssen Krupp Uhde is a specialist in the construction of ammonia and urea plants for the fertilizer industry. An installation of this kind is extended by an ammonium sulfate production for the company of AlexFert in Abukir, Egypt.

Intensiv-Filter received the order for several dust removal installations. A bag filter is provided for the dry dust removal of the raw gas volume flow from the cooler and various aspiration points within the bulk conveying system.

The ­preliminary removal of dust of the high-capacity cyclones and the adjacent wet scrubber system for dust removal of the exhaust gases occurs in a BACT-scrubber. The exhaust gases of the granulator are also dedusted in a BACT-scrubber.

A filter of the type IFJC with ProTex energy savings filter media (length 4.5 m) is used for dry dust removal. This design has already often been proven in the fertilizer industry and also already operates with AlexFert. The filter is exposed with a volume flow of 90,000 m³/h at 63 ºC.

The dust removal of the dryer cyclone (94,000 m³/h), as well as the Granulators (54,000 m³/h), is carried out with wet scrubbers with a multielement venturi zone.

The delivery is carried out in October 2012 and the commissioning is planned for April 2013.

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