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Dust Emissions Reduced

Last year the RHI AG, world market leader for fire-resistant products, placed an order with the team of Intensiv-Filter Austria for dedusting of two rotary kilns. October 11th, 2011, the process filter have been put into operation and now filter 99 percent of the dusts from the exhaust air of the two rotary kilns, where sinter magnesia is burned.
The process filters of the type series ProJet mega® have been designed for a volume flow of each 52.190 m³/h a.c. The raw gas reaches the bag filters with 180 °C, in extreme cases with 250 °C. Filter bags with a length of 6 m and a glass fabric material with PTFE membrane came into operation. The energy-efficient cleaning is carried out with low pressure in on-line mode.
The filtering installation is considered a showcase for RHI AG. This reason gives the Austrian minister of the environment the occasion to join the official opening.
Franz Struzl, CEO of the RHI AG, says about the filtering installation: „It is a good example for our continuous efforts to reduce the environmental impact and waste as less resources as possible.“

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