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A partnership of experience

South-African-based GEECOM and Intensiv-Filter Himenviro have signed a strategic alliance agreement. The two companies complement each other excellently. Whereas GEECOM provides individual and complete services for the construction and refurbishment of both wet and dry Electrostatic Precipitators, Intensiv-Filter Himenviro can extend this offer with a complete spectrum of different sizes of bag filters. GEECOM is responsible for the sales and Intensiv-Filter’s part of the cooperation is the delivery of the engineering.

“The visions of GEECOM and Intensiv-Filter Himenviro are very close. Our priority objective is to offer the best dust removal installations for better and safer conditions in emission protection. GEECOM’s world-class positioning in the African market and Intensiv-Filter’s filtration technologies will enable customers in many industries to achieve both cost-efficient and environmentally efficient production,” says Thomas Blüggel, managing director of Intensiv-Filter Himenviro.