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Dust removal order for copper production

Intensiv-Filter Himenviro supplies Aurubis, the largest copper producer in Europe and the world leader in copper recycling, a row filter of the type CombiJet as well as another filtering installation type ProJet mega®. The bag filters are employed for the dust removal of a new storage building for slag with various breakers, conveyor and sieve and for the dedusting of an auxiliary hood.
The CombiJet bag filter is laid out for a volume flow of 80,000 m³/h n.c. at room temperature. The newly developed filter media with the name ProTex PES come into operation. With regard to environmental protection ProTex energy savings filter media are the economic alternative to filter media with laminated membrane surface and, be-sides, substantially more robustly. The bag length amounts to 4.5 m and the filter surface about 1,200 m². The JetBus Controller® controls the online cleaning of six filter chambers. In May 2011, the assembly works start which will be concluded with commissioning in August, 2011.
For the assured compliance of the dust emissions, a second filtering installation of the type ProJet mega® for the dust removal of an auxiliary hood and the separation of SOx is put into operation in November, 2011. The installation replaces a shaker filter which no longer is good enough for the self-obligations of the company to the environmental protection.
The bag filter is equipped with 8-m-long bags and an especially power-saving back-pressure controlled cleaning in online mode. The volume flow is 90,500 m³/h n.c. and the maximum operating temperature 80 °C.