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  • Rupture disc / Explosion vent

    Rupture discs provide a recognized method of protecting vessels or systems against catastrophic effects of excessive pressure. Low pressure rupture discs may also be used to protect vessels against the effects of high vacuum.

  • Supporting cages

    A supporting cage prevents bag collapse during filtration. These cages are used in most bag houses for optimal collection affiance and durability.

  • Shaking Cam

    This component is the timing part for the cleaning cycle of shaker filter.

  • C-injector

    The cleaning system has crucial impact on the collection efficiency of jet pulse filters. . At his, the utilized injector system plays a major role: The cleaning has to realize a filter cake release over the entire length of the filter bag. In addition, the repercussion of the filter bag onto the supporting cage ("Carpet beating effect") should be minimized by appropriate modulation of the pressure

  • Sealing profile

    This gasket seals the doors of the filter. When the doors are leaking, the filter pulls secondary air with the result, that the cleaning system is insufficient working.

  • Diff.Pressure measuring Instr.

    Transmitter DE... Is equipped with a laser adjusted, piezoresistiv pressure sensor and is used to measure differential-pressure in non corrosive dry gases. Pressure Total :- the algebraic sums of the velocity pressure and the static pressure (with due regard to sign). pressure velocity:- The kinetic pressure in the direction of flow necessary to cause a fluid at rest to flow at a given velocity. Usually expressed in inches water gauge.

  • Blast Pipe

    A pipe or manifold used for compressed air jet flow from pressure air tank over the injector system into the filter bags.

  • Injector row

    A “Injector row” is the unit of a blow pipe and a multitude of injectors. A multitude of filter bags is cleaned simultaneously by means of one compressed air jet using injector rows

  • Inlet nozzle

    Inlet nozzles feature a second injector stage entertaining additional secondary air during jet pulse cleaning. They are installed inside the upper area of the filter bag.

  • Level probe

    The measuring device for measuring the filling from various containers.We set this level probe into our dust collection dusts to measure the dust load.

  • Gear Motor

    A small motor (ac induction, permanent magnet dc, or brush less dc) designed specifically with an integral (not separable) gear reducer (gear head). The end shield on the drive end of the motor is designed to provide a dual function. The side facing the motor provides the armature/rotor bearing support and a sealing provision through which the integral rotor or armature shaft pinion passes.

  • Compensator Square/ round

    It is a flexible connection between the fan inlet / outlet and the pipe system. It supports the vibration-free installation of a fan.

  • Jet Bus Controller

    Industrial dust removing installations, mainly consisting of filters, including textile and tubular filters, cartridge filters, filter hoses and filter bags, gas coolers, heat ex changers, cyclones, scrubbers, ventilators, explosion protection devices, pipelines and containers; parts for the aforesaid installations.

  • coupling

    Connect the shaft of the screw conveyor / rotary valve / fan with the motor, to produce a rotation, so that dust / air can be transported

  • Diaphragm value

    Diaphragm valves air attached onto or at the pressure air tank and have crucial impact onto the compressed air jet effectively. A compressed air operated valve that is used to pulse bags.

  • Pulley

    A Pulley is responsible for the power transmission of the engine. In conjunction with v-belts speed of the impeller is regulated.

  • Air Lock shaft

    Air Lock Valve to our deemed patrons. Manufactured using optimum grade raw material, this offered range is regarded for its user friendly interface in diverse industries and sectors. Moreover, fabricated in compliance with industry set standards and norms,

  • Edged clamps

    These brackets /clamps are used to fix the inlet nozzle on the bottom plate and to fix the injectors on the blow pipe.

  • Straight clamps

    These brackets /clamps are used to fix the inlet nozzle on the bottom plate and to fix the injectors on the blow pipe.

  • Coil for solenoid value

    Specially designed to operate in the aggressive environment with high humidity and temperature fluctuations found in most refrigeration systems the clip-on fastening system ensures a faultless installation and makes the coils easy to mount or dismount. Clip-on coils are mounted without any tools at all, and it is simple to dismount the coil be means of a screwdriver

  • Plummer block housing DIN 736

    Plummer Block Housings are split bearing housings for the fitting of self aligning ball or spherical roller bearings which are fixed to the shaft either by shrink fitting or with an adapter sleeve. They are designed for grease lubrication only and can be supplied with lubrication holes if required.

  • Taper-lock clamping bush

    Bushes are the appropriate connection between shaft and pulley / impeller. The appropriate connection is important for a vibration-free rotation.

  • Engine Shaft

    Shafts are used to connect couplings with rotation parts for the transport of dust or air. The shafts are supported and fixed by bearing units.

  • Connecting pipe

    Numerous types of connection are available, such as a threaded end that can be directly connected to a pipe, and a flanged version for direct connection to a container.

  • Maintenance Unit

    Spare parts are available for any make or model of filter or associated system components. From a simple valve repair kit through a comprehensive range of filter parts and accessories to the widest selection of filter bag and cartridge designs in a full range of filter media -all available from a single source. Many items are ex-stock making service planning simple and in an emergency

  • Resistance Thermometers

    The resistance thermometers for measuring the length and /or change in volume of a substance, or the temperature by delivering an electrical signal

  • Water nozzle

    Water nozzles in different executions are used to clean up the filter bags and the sheets inside the filter. A water supply system (CIP) supplies the water nozzle with water. Inch of Water: A unit of pressure equal to the pressure exerted by a column of liquid water on inch high at a standard temperature.